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Kavlak Law Firm, growing since 2006 with its qualified and dynamic lawyers, is one of the leading law firms of Turkey. With our effective works provided for our client portfolio which includes, by majority, local, international and multinational commercial and financial organizations, we provide distinguished legal support.

Kavlak Law Firm, with the lawyers it co-operates in all of the major cities of Turkey, and worldwide, is able to respond immediately to clients’ demands, provides a time-efficient service, based on mutual trust, works on long-term cases with each client, and adapts the clients’ working principles and provides service accordingly.

Our Team

Our Attorneys, Consultants and Interns
  • Fırat Barış Kavlak
  • Aygen Kavlak
    Aygen Kavlak
  • Merve Gürsoy Dereli
  • Gizem Yeşilova Sert
  • Doğaner Doğanay
  • Mehmet Nuri Yurdagül
  • Gonca Alanbay
  • Mehmet Ali Çakı
  • Samet-celik-lawyer-at-kawlak-law
    Samet Çelik
  • yağmur-şahin-kavlak-hukuk-bürosu
    Yağmur Şahin
As Kavlak Law Firm, we care for pro bono legal support. We believe that reaching quality legal services should not be a privilege but a right for everyone, and on the basis of this provide long-term, sustainable pro bono legal support. In this context, we continue our works with Istanbul Bilgi University Pro Bono Legal Assistance Network.

Our lawyers have a professional duty to provide legal services to those unable to pay. We know the importance of serving the legal needs of the helpless.

We also believe that pro bono activities provide great opportunities and experience. It is a great way for young lawyers to gain invaluable experience that they may not receive otherwise. With pro bono cases, the new associates can practice setting a legal strategy, submitting briefs, taking depositions, etc. This is experience you may not gain for years otherwise.

Moreover, client interactions can also be personally rewarding, allowing our young associates to connect directly with the person or people who will be immediately and directly impacted by the attorney’s work.

In ways that large commercial cases tried on behalf of massive legal entities cannot, pro bono projects often present opportunities for face-to-face contact with clients and the chance to see firsthand the impact the work of the lawyer has in the lives of clients.