Corporate Responsibility Since the day of its establishment, Kavlak Law Firm has been continuing its existence in the belief that it is responsible not only to its clients and employees, but also to individuals from every segment of society and to the nature that we are a part of. With this belief and the principles of diversity, inclusion and sustainability, the firm expands its vision each passing day and continues contributing to both nature and the society with new projects such as Pro Bono and Green Office.
As Kavlak Law Firm, with our sense of justice and legal awareness, we believe that reaching a qualified legal service is not a privilege but a right for everyone and providing such service is a need of our profession, therefore we offer a long-term and sustainable legal support.

While feeling the indefinable happiness of using our legal knowledge for the benefit of society, we consolidate our mission of diversity and inclusion by getting in touch with different cultures. In this context, we keep on working in this field with the support of all of our team members and through the Istanbul Bilgi University Pro Bono Honorary Legal Support Network.

Being aware of the importance of environmental sustainability for the nature that we live in, we have initiated the process of integrating environmental sustainability in every aspect of our lives with the Green Office projects at our office.

In this context, we are conducting operations in our office in order to increase the re-use and recycling and reducing the consumption of energy and natural resources with the support of the Green Office Committee, which is composed of our team members, leading the supervision of green projects for raising awareness in our office.

With our aim to maintain a sustainable environment both in our office and our personal lives through our green projects, the consumption of energy and natural resources is becoming minimized and the awareness of waste management and recycling is considerably increasing in our office day by day.